Jobi Halper is a  San Diego Mediator and Arbitrator who provides services in California and Nationwide through ADR Services, Inc. and specializes in class action, complex litigation, commercial disputes and employment/wage & hour.

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Jobi Halper’s diverse background of “in the trenches” litigation, and particularly class actions and complex litigation, and transactional work, representing both corporations and individuals uniquely positions her to mediate your case better.  Her expertise in class actions is unsurpassed, allowing her to address every aspect of class litigation from discovery disputes to settlement administration and objectors. Her hands-on work in commercial, employment, insurance, entertainment, banking, and torts law ensures that she quickly wil understand the issues in your matter, and help the parties resolve their dispute with intelligence and creativity in a cost-effective manner.  

According to Jobi Halper: 

"Class actions and complex litigation are unpredictable in court.  There is too much at stake to leave your case to the risk of one important decision against you.   Litigation is all or nothing and someone is going to lose.  Mediation allows both parties to take a reasonable and controlled approach to their cases.  Only a mediator trained in class actions can help both parties truly see the risks and strengths of their case, reasonably evaluation likely outcomes, and creatively strategize in settlement terms beneficial to both parties."  

Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP attorney Mark Dichter says:

"To effectively mediate a . . . class action, it is not enough that a mediator has had experience mediating employment disputes.  Because of the complexity of the class action litigation, mediators of such cases also need to have substantive legal knowledge and experience in . . . class action litigation  . . . The ability to speak authoritatively about the substantive law and class action litigation process is critical to helping the parties understand these issues, the range of possible solutions, the risks associated with continued litigation if settlement fails, which possible solutions are more or less likely to win support from the class and approval from the court, and what is  likely to occur if the case does not settle." 

(From Preparing Yourself, Your Client, and Your Resources for Class Action Mediation.)

Jobi Halper provides expertise concerning: 

·      Discovery Mediation, including Class Action and Merits Discovery and e-discovery; 

·      The Class Action Fairness Act's impact on your settlement;  

·      Navigating regulatory approval issues;  

·      Attorneys Fee and individual plaintiff awards matters; 

·      Objectors;  

·      Settlement administration planning.  


  • Commitment to understand the nuts and bolts of your case before the mediation begins.
  • Quick study on important issues.
  • Ms. Halper prefers shorter mediation briefs designed to educate, not argue, a case. 
  • A short, private telephonic session with each party prior to mediation to gain an overview of the party's greatest concerns of mediation and resolution.
  • An opportunity, at the initial phase of mediation, to more fully discuss your case, your goals, and your concerns. 
  • A fair and honest evaluation of substantial strengths and weaknesses with each side given privately. 
  • Suggestions, where desired by the parties, of alternative and creative solutions that let the parties "see the forest through the trees."   

  Jobi Halper

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