Jobi Halper is a  San Diego Mediator and Arbitrator who provides services in California and Nationwide through ADR Services, Inc. and specializes in class action, complex litigation, commercial disputes and employment/wage & hour.

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To be effective, a neutral requires experience, an understanding of the experiences of all of the parties, creativity, impartiality, insightfulness, and the ability to understand issues quickly.  Jobi Halper offers an outstanding combination of dispute resolution and 20 years' of litigation experience. 


Jobi Halper has 20 years of experience representing corporations, individuals, and as class counsel in national and state class actions.  Jobi Halper's nationally known skill in complex cases and class actions (both on behalf of large classes and corporations) uniquely positions her to understand any matter before her.  Jobi Halper's diverse background is rare, having worked both as a transactional attorney and a litigator.  She is nationally known for her intelligence, insightfulness, creativity, impartiality, ability to control multiple parties in conflict, for her determination and her ability to find resolution.

Class Action and complex litigation cases in arbitration and mediation are better served by a neutral experienced in the complex litigation field.


  • Class Action:  All Class Actions, Class Action Fairness Act, Complex Discovery Disputes, Claims Process and Settlement Administration, Fee Disputes, Objectors, Class Proceedings.
  • Commercial: Business Disputes, Contract Disputes, Partnership/Agency Disputes, Dissolutions, Shareholder Derivative Suits, Board of Director disputes, Closely-Held corporate Matters, Squeeze-outs, Insider trading, Franchise matters, and Unfair Business Practice Matters.
  • Employment: Wage/hour, Overtime, Meal/Break, Exempt Employee, Commission disputes, Contract Disputes, Harassment, Retaliation, Discrimination claims.
  • Product Liability:  Individual and class action.
  • Civil Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act
  • False Claims Act/Qui Tam/Whistleblower Cases
  • IInsurance Sale Practice and Administration:  Individual and Class Actions concerning health, automobile, life, homeowner, burial and disability insurance, and annuities.
  • Consumer claims:  False Advertising, Business & Professions Code Section 17200 and 17500, Contracts of Adhesion, Late fee Claims, Cancellation Claims, Fraudulent Sales Claims.
  • Entertainment:  Ticket sales, sports industry, music industry, venue claims.
  • Civil Rights

"Jobi Halper has the unique background to evaluate the concerns of all stakeholders while working through complicated, multilayered disputes, making her well suited to all types of complex and other matters. "  Lucie Barron, ADR Services, Inc. 

Schedule Jobi Halper for your Mediation or Arbitration:

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